Packing for Disney

As with our trip to Las Vegas, prep for the Disney Trip comes with a Trello board…

Disney Trello

Trello is an awesome way to keep track of all of our plans, packing lists, reservations and more. I love Trello and use it all the time!

So what am I packing? Aside from the usual, clothes etc. There are many things that I have learned to include for Disney trips. Here are just a few:

  • Swimwear – There are many opportunities to hop in the pool in Florida.
    • If you are staying at a Disney Resort, they all have super cool pools. But since it is Florida, a generally warm state almost all hotels have a pool and it is very nice to hop in the pool after a hot day or even just as  a way to relax regardless of heat.
    • There are the water parks.
    • If you go to one of Disney’s fantastic Senses Spas (at Saratoga Springs and The Grand Floridian) they request that guests wear bathing suits to enjoy the steam room or hot tub.
  • Ponchos – These can be bought at the park if needed but are so much cheaper if you bring your own.
  • Camera – Some people can forgo the camera but it would drive me crazy if I didn’t have it with me.
  • Chargers – Always worth mentioning. Having forgotten a charger in the past, I put this on every list.
  • Costumes – This one is new for me. While N and I ran the Marathon last year we did not dress up, this year we plan to. It looks super fun so we are very excited.


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