Las Vegas Trip: Part I – Planning

This is a new series of posts describing my trip last week to Las Vegas with N and A. Enjoy!!

Las Vegas Trip: Part I -Planning

To start off, A is an 8 month old baby girl. She is our angel baby, we describe her thusly due to her wonderful disposition and sweet nature. We were blessed with a baby that is easy going and doesn’t cry overly much.

As any one who has had any experience with babies at all knows, this of course means that traveling was much more complicated. Instead of just buying tickets, throwing a few days worth of clothes in a bag and hopping on a plane. I had to do a lot of research on traveling with a baby to take care of all of the necessary steps.

As I am a organization crazy person, I had a Trello Board set up to keep track of everything. Trello is an awesome site that is basically a digital cork board where you can pin all kinds of things and share them with others. In this case, I pinned our tickets, pocking lists, etc.

12-7-2015 4-06-00 PM

Step 1 – Research

The majority of my research was through Lucies List, which is an excellent site about all things baby including baby gear reviews, parenting tips, etc. I used her travel page, as well as her travel e-book.

I also used a blog that I read Rookie Moms, which had a wonderfully timed traveling with baby blog post, that was very helpful.

Step 2 – Call ahead

We flew on Delta (more on that later). So I called Delta when it was time to check in so they could add “Baby in arms” to my ticket, this meant that I did not have to pay for a separate ticket for A, and I carried her the whole flight.

I also called ahead to our hotel, the Hilton Grand Vacations at the Flamingo. They assured me that they would have a crib and highchair ready for me upon check in at the hotel.

With that done, I was ready to move on to the next step. Packing…


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