Las Vegas Trip: Part II – Packing

Step 2 – Packing

We were only packing one suitcase so it got kind of crazy as A’s stuff was more than N and my stuff together. But I got it all in there. Some of the stuff was invaluable, others I never even took out of the suitcase. Some of this may depend on the baby but if you are curious here is the stuff that I brought for A.

Car Seat and Stroller -UPPAbaby Mesa, & UPPAbaby Vista.

I have another post, here, about my stroller and I brought both it and the Mesa car seat. They were used daily and were very important. Many sites said to get a travel stroller such as an umbrella stroller and we seriously considered it, but in the end we decided to get the UPPAbaby travel bag which includes two years of insurance on the stroller. This means that if the stroller is checked onto the plane in the stroller bag and gets damaged, UPPAbaby will replace it for you. I am so happy that we did this as it meant that A was in her usual stroller, which we all love!


Airlines have a policy that car seats and strollers can be checked at the gate or with luggage for free. So I also bought a check bag for the car seat, which we forgot in the car, sadly, the car seat did get scratched up a bit, but beyond that has no damage. The car seat and the stroller followed us through the connecting flight to Vegas and back home without getting lost or damaged.

Diaper Bag

My personal item carryon was my diaper bag, which I love. It is extremely spacious and organized and very comfortable to carry even when it is heavy, which for this trip it was!


Inside of the diaper bag was:

  • A new outfit for A
  • A jacket
  • A sweater
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper cream
  • Infant’s Tylenol
  • A bottle filled with water (A likes a drink after eating baby food)
  • Baby food (I followed the advice from the sites listed above and brought packets of Plum baby food so that I could feed A in a tidy manner. Not only did it work great but A loved it!


  • A baby spoon


  • A bib
  • A blanket
  • Two pacifiers
  • A toy
  • A diaper changing pad


  • A nursing cover


I had another outfit and some more diapers in another carryon bag, but didn’t end up needing it.

And with that, we were ready for the flight to Vegas…


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