Disney Firsts

I am a huge Disney fan, and I married a huge Disney fan. We have watched and own almost all of the films. Have tons of Disney souvenirs in our home from measuring spoons and cups to clothes for our baby girl. After we married we became DVC members (basically meaning we have a Disney Time Share). N has been to Disney World 6 times and Disneyland once, and I’ve been to Disney World 4 times.

One of the things that I love about Disney World is that there is always more to see and do. You can never get everything done in one trip, so there is always something new to experience! On that note, here are the things that I hope to do for the first time on this Disney trip (next week!!).

  • Get a 1st Visit Pin for A.
    • This will be the first visit for both A and my dad. We have previously gone, and gotten the appropriate pins, for our honeymoon and anniversary. So it will be nice to get a new pin.

1st Visit Pin

  • Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. I spoke about this in a post yesterday.
    • New for N and me.
  • Have a Dole Whip.
    • As a strict Kosher eater, I never knew that I could have this. But recently a fellow Kosher eater told me that Dole Whips are indeed Kosher! This is super exciting as I have been hearing about Dole Whips for years and thought that as with almost all iconic Disney World treats I would never be able to have it.
  • Walt Disney Railroad
    • I have never ridden this but N has and says it is awesome. We definitely plan to do this especially since this is a great ride to take with a baby.
  • The Dinosaur Ride
    • For some reason, both N and I have missed the Dinosaur ride. We’ve never been on it. We hope to change that this trip.
  • Ride the Dwarfs Mine Train
    • When N and I were in Disney World on our honeymoon we saw the Dwarfs Mine Train under construction and started getting excited. When we went last year, N had a blast but I was seven months pregnant with A and could not ride. This year, I can’t wait to go on this fantastic new ride.
  • Complete a Disney Race!
    • Last year as I was pregnant, I had to stop after 10k. But N got to complete. This year I really look forward to crossing the finish line!

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