14 month Update

I don’t want to forget the stages that A goes through. I have heard from so many people with children that it goes so fast and have seen that to be true in the past year and a bit. So here is an update.

A is now 14 months old. She is wearing 12 month clothes but they are still super big on her. She likes to eat almost anything we give, her favorites being cheerios, fruit, raisins, fish and eggs. She now has four teeth in the front of her mouth on the top and four on the bottom and her first premolars on both sides on the top are just coming in. She is still in the super drooly teething phase.

She signs ‘more’, ‘milk’ and ‘bathroom’ and sometimes signs ‘drink’, and is learning ‘done’, ‘cheese’, ‘banana’, ‘again’ and ‘thank you’. She loves her Daddy with a passion and will call out for him all the time, ‘Dada’ is her most used word. She also says ‘Mama’ and ‘yeah’ with other almost words sprinkled in.

She loves playing with pots and pans and frequently sticks a utensil of some kind into a container and mixes vigorously. She will pick up any doll or stuffed animal that she sees, give it a hug and pat it on the back. She also likes to put her dolls on the changing mat and put new diapers on top of them.

She has taken a couple of steps here or there but still crawls everywhere. She still loves to climb the stairs. She also loves to be swung around in a circle.

She went swimming with us in our pool for the first time this season last week. She did not like it for most of the time. The second time, this past Sunday, she didn’t like it at first but then got used to it and was kicking and laughing by the end. She even got fully dunked in the water and responded great! This is a big deal as she usually doesn’t like water on her face and we were worried how she would do as we try to teach her to swim this summer.

She has this deep throaty laugh that she does sometimes. It’s almost an evil laugh. We love to joke about it because she sounds so cute!


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