Something Special

I just saw this and I had to share it!!

One of the blogs that I read Epbot, posted this today. It is about a story of a company that makes prosthetic limbs for American Girl dolls for children who have prosthetics. This video is of a girl who received a doll that has the same kind of leg that she does.

This prosthetics company, A Step Ahead, makes these limbs free of charge. This is so amazing! It really gives these children a way to see that, as the mother reads from the letter in the video, they can live without limitations.

In a world that is so much about looks and how those with differences can be made to feel that they are less, this is such an important message. Being different, does not make you less. Even if your differences may be perceived as things that will hold you back, you can still live without limitations and be the best you that you can be.

This company is amazing! I am so moved by this story.


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