A’s next big first!

This weekend we headed to New York to visit my brother and his family. We had a great time! Also, A had a huge first!

My brother has five kids ranging from a 12 year old who is basically a teenager already, to a 5 month old who is just about to crawl. My nieces and nephews are so great and we rarely get to spend time with them so this visit was a real treat. We love spending time with them and they love it too. It is also adorable to see them interact with A. They are crazy about her and it is so sweet!

Saturday afternoon, A stood in the middle of the living room floor, and took her first step!! It was quick, if we hadn’t been watching we would have missed it. But she took one wobbly step toward her waiting daddy, promptly fell on her butt, and gave a tremendous smile!! We immediately started cheering!

A is now 14 months and has been walking while holding on for a while now. She loves to stand in the middle of the floor and start clapping. But she has never tried to take steps before.

I had been worrying over this, not because I thought there was a problem, I think that A is doing fine developing at her own speed, but because I didn’t want to miss it. It is my biggest regret as a working mom that I have missed so many firsts and will likely miss more. I am so happy that she took her first steps with us over the weekend.

Sunday afternoon after we returned home, she took another two steps. So we know that this wasn’t a once and done. She is ready to start walking. We are so excited. This is the beginning of a whole new stage and it’s wonderful. Now I just have to rebaby proof everything since she can now reach all of the things that I put on higher surfaces….



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