Beauty & The Beast

If you have read any of my posts from the Princess half marathon you can probably guess that one of my favorite Disney films is Beauty & The Beast. I dressed as bookworm Belle for the race and N wore a shirt with Gaston on the front.

I have always loved the tale of the book loving Belle who longs for adventure and wonder similar to the stories that she has read. She gives up her adventure to care for her father and then goes back to save the beast, where she breaks the curse by admitting her love for him. Belle is the first Disney Princess that did not need someone else to save her. She also loved books just like I do.

Our Beauty and the Beast love also extends to Gaston’s Tavern and the new Beauty and the Beast shop in Fantasyland. We stop there and look at the Beauty and Beast items every time we go to the Magic Kingdom. We hope to soon get a look inside the Be Our Guest Restaurant. We have heard that it looks amazing!

When we met Gaston in Disney World we thought he was awesome! The actors are so good! He is so appropriately arrogant and at the same time has such charm. It really brings Gaston to life in such a fun way! When A met Gaston for the first time, he had us all in stitches. He stated that as this was their first meeting, he would have to teach her to swoon. She started to scream when he looked at her (she was super tired) and he just smiled and said, “A loud swooner!” He was just so smooth! He is one of the few characters that we have stood in line for and we have done it now twice with him. Videos like this one just increased that admiration for the acting and the casting. Check it out.

So when I saw the trailer for the live action remake of the movie I got super excited!! It looks gorgeous! I have really high hopes. Too bad we have to wait a whole year until it comes out! Here is the trailer in case you didn’t catch it yet.


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