Baby Centers

One of the nice things available in Disney World is the Baby Care Center. They have one Baby Care Center in each of the four parks. These centers share many features but are all slightly different.

Magic Kingdom

Location: The baby care center in the Magic Kingdom is right next to the first aid station on Main street.

Features: Like many indoor park areas, this baby care center does not permit strollers inside. Therefore the area outside is always filled with a line of parked strollers. This are also has several benches and is often populated with parents sitting beside the stroller holding their sleeping children.

In the center is a diaper changing room filled with changing tables. Each table has a paper lining. The room also has a sink to clean up and garbage cans to dispose of the dirty diapers.

There is a room for feeding, which has a microwave, highchairs and more. I didn’t spend any time in this area as A no longer eats baby food so she ate with us. She does still nurse so the next area was used every time we went to the Magic Kingdom.

That area is a small, quiet room with a couple of chairs and a few comfortable sofa chairs. This room has a closing door and a sign asking for the door to always be kept closed. Each time I used this room, there were at least two other mothers there nursing their children.

Hollywood Studios

Location: The baby care center is inside the information center right by the park entrance.

Features: Strollers are allowed into the baby care center but it is a small space. I did not see any diaper changing room but there was a feeding room, which I did not enter. The main space has a seating area and a TV playing Disney shows.

To the side is a small booth with a curtain. Inside is a bench and a rocker for nursing. This is where I nursed and changed A. It could be that there is more to this space but I was really quick in and out as our stroller is large and the space was quite small.

Animal Kingdom

Location: The baby care center is to the left of the Tree of Life right before you cross the bridge into Africa.

Features: Strollers are allowed into the baby care center and it is quite spacious. You enter into an area that has a mini store for all baby needs. The next room has several changing tables, a sink and garbage cans similar to the Magic Kingdom setup. Next to the sink was a water machine that supplied cool, filtered drinking water.

Through the changing room are two small nursing rooms. They each contain a changing table and a rocker. When we got there, both were in use, but after a few minutes, both rooms became available. A cast member swiftly cleaned the room for us, by changing the sheet on the changing table and sweeping the floor.

There was also another large room with booth seating along the walls, a TV playing Disney movies and several tables with chairs for children. When we came back later in the day, the nursing rooms were busy so we sat in this room in great comfort while feeding A.

There is also a center at Epcot, but we did not make use of it.

For more information about the Baby Care Centers in Disney World check out this thorough page at WDW Info’s great website.

In many ways, it can be quite difficult to visit a theme park with a young child. Having these rooms made it a whole lot easier. All of them were cool, clean and comfortable and allowed me to care for A out of the sun and bustle of the park.



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