Packing for Disney World

Besides all of the regular packing things like clothes there are a few essentials that I have come to rely on. I’ve mentioned a list like this before here. I still pack all of those items but I have a couple more to add and a bit more to say about others.

  • Packing Cubes
    • I have been hearing about Packing Cubes for a little bit now. So I picked up a set from  Amazon Basics.
    • They are little zipping compartments to pack your items in. They allow a lot more to be packed in a much more organized manner. Once of my big annoyances with suitcases is that it’s impossible to find anything. I hate digging through the suitcase knowing that the item you are looking for is in there somewhere but unable to find it. Well, packing cubes are awesome!! They completely solve this issue! I can’t tell you the number of times I said to N, “Have I told you lately how much I LOVE these packing cubes?!” I used one cube for N and my clothes, one for A’s clothes and one for dirty laundry. It was fantastic.
  • Ponchos
    • While ponchos are sold at Disney World, bringing your own is a top ten way to save money in the parks. I have these great ponchos from Tote. They fold up nice and small so they fit into the mesh pouches but they are stronger than the dollar store type so they don’t rip after one use. We carried these around for several days while the rain threatened. Thanks to their size, it was not a big deal at all. And since we always had them, when the rain finally did come we wore our trusty ponchos to stay dry.
  • Disney Shirts
    • N wore his Gaston running shirt that I discussed here.
    • I wore my Princess Half Marathon t-shirt and my “I Did It” t-shirt from the same race.
    • A had a different Disney shirt for each day.
  • Mickey Ears
    • At the moment only A has ears. Minnie ears. I got her a set of clip on Minnie ears that are truly adorable.
  • Baby Carrier
    • I love my Sash Mei Tai Carrier. It is so comfortable, easy to use and fast to put on. It makes going through the TSA line easier. We brought it with us to the parks very day and I wore A around areas that do not allow strollers.

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