Trip Planning

My main tool for this trip to Disney has been the amazing crowd calendar from Undercover Tourist.

Crowd Calendar.png

This is great! It shows the crowding in three levels, Green, Yellow and Red.


This is especially helpful as we are going to Disney in a much busier season than usual. That combined with having a little one with us and only having four days for this trip, means that we want to make the most of our limited time.

According to the crowd calendar, we should have one green day per park for our visit. Except, interestingly enough, for Animal Kingdom. That is the only park that is yellow for our whole stay. I guess all of the new additions to the parks are bringing guest numbers up.

I’m pretty excited about it too. Sadly, Rivers of Light, which was supposed to start in April has been postponed. But I am excited to see the new light show on the Tree of Life. Once all of the new shows and Avatar Land open, I’m sure Animal Kingdom will be super busy.



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