More Firsts

Last time before my Disney trip I wrote out a list of firsts. Most of those were checked off but a few were not. So this time I have added those to my list and a few more….

  • The Dinosaur Ride – Second Try
    • For some reason, both N and I have missed the Dinosaur ride. We’ve never been on it. We hope to change that this trip.
  • Ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train  – Second Try
    • When N and I were in Disney World on our honeymoon we saw the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train under construction and started getting excited. When we went last year, N had a blast but I was seven months pregnant with A and could not ride. This year, I can’t wait to go on this fantastic new ride.
  • Animal Kingdom with A
    • Last visit we didn’t manage to make it to all of the parks sadly. This visit we hope to make it to all 4!
  • Disney World trip in May
    • This is the first time I have ever been to Disney this time of year. This will lead to a few more firsts such as:
  • Birthday pins for N and A.
    • Both had their birthday last month, so I’m not sure about this but I have heard from many people that if your first is around a month before or after the birthday you can and should get a pin… not sure yet if I will, any opinions?
  • Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival
    • As we have never been this time of year, we have never been able to see this festival. Very excited.
  • Trip around the world
    • Although we have been to Epcot many times, I have never been fully around the world. This time I hope to visit every country.
  • Have a Citrus Swirl
    • Last time the Dole Whip was on my list as we had recently discovered they were kosher. We also discovered that that Citrus Swirl is kosher too. I look forward to having this second iconic icy treat. Especially since the last one was so wonderful. (We will still have Dole Whips on this trip I have no doubt!)

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