Mini Disney Trip

This year we bought Annual Passes. We had planned to go in February of 2016 (which we did) and again with friends in January 2017. So the timing worked out great. However, since we have active annual passes now, we knew we would have to head back to Disney World at least once more during the year, and hopefully twice more.

In two weeks our first midyear trip will occur. It’s very exciting, but very crazy. We have a couple of big changes from our usual yearly Disney trips.

Firstly, we usually have months of prep and can plan and make reservations really far in advance. This time, we have a little less than six weeks. The start of that was when we made our hotel reservations, but the next few weeks were full of Passover prep and the holiday itself. So Disney plans were put to the side. We didn’t realize how behind we were until the other day when we saw that we had yet to arrange transportation to Disney World!

In our defense, we had discussed it over the holiday. We were torn. This trip is from Sunday through Wednesday. So we could wither fly out on Sunday morning and have half of Sunday in the park. Or, we could rent a car, (we are looking at buying a mini SUV for our growing family, so this would be a great time to test drive one of our choices) and drive down Saturday night, which would give us all of Sunday in the park. After much debate, and much gawking at the insane prices for renting a car one-way, we decided to fly down early on Sunday.

Today, I am starting our other preparations. Thankfully, as mentioned here, a few weeks ago,  I made our hotel reservations and Fastpass+ reservations. So at least a couple of things are done.

The second big change is that even though we are DVC members, this will be the first time that we are not staying at a DVC location. As I mentioned, we had a nice trip in February and are planning a big trip for next January. Between the two, we do not have enough DVC points to stay at a DVC location this trip. Instead we will be staying at Pop Century!

After seeing Pop Century so much on the Disney blogs I read I really wanted to check it out so this is exciting for me. Disney Dork Tom reviewed it here, the Disney Tourist Blog here, and the awesome Disney in Your Day here.

Off to update my Trello board! More planning info to come…



  1. So cool! Maybe we will see each other! I’ve never been to the Flower and Garden Festival and I’m really excited. I’m excited to check out Pop Century it looks really cool.


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