The New and Improved Fastpass +

A little while back I was part of the Kill, Refurb, Marry, blog hop. My choice for Kill was Fastpass +. I had gotten fed up with the how poorly the system worked and how difficult it was to use. N and I are getting ready for our next Disney trip scheduled for mid May so I decided to make some Fastpass + selections for us. To my surprise and delight, it has been completely redone!! (So I guess, I should have chosen it for refurb.) It is now fantastic!

Granted, I have only used it twice now. But it has been so great! I found myself just playing with it to see how well it would do and it was so good!! The site responds quickly, the choices are clear and easy to see and you can now select one Fastpass + option at a time! No longer do you need to choose a group of Fastpass + options that only contains one Fastpass + option that you actually want. I haven’t tried it yet, but it might even let you select Fastpass + options for multiple parks on the same day!

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

Start on the My Disney Experience webpage. Choose Fastpass + from the menu.

Fastpass 1.png

Choose the members connected to your profile for whom you want to make the Fastpass + reservation. They need to have a linked valid Disney World Ticket to continue.

Fastpass Party

Select the Date.

choose date and park

And Park.

Date and Park

Then, a list of available Fastpass + options will load.


select a time

You can Filter by time of day or even by a specific hour range.

Select time

Once the Fastpass + options have loaded, you can select one to add it to your plans. You will then need to confirm your choice.


You will then receive a confirmation and be offered the chance to make more Fastpass + options as desired.





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