Happy Birthday A!

My baby girl turned one this week. It’s amazing how much has happened in a year and how much she has changed! She went from this little, sweet, sleepy baby to a sweet, adorable, mischievous toddler.

A has 5 teeth, one of which is still not fully in yet. She gets around by cruising or crawling super fast and she loves to climb the stairs. A usually sleeps through the night, she tosses and turns and tends to sleep on her tummy like me,  and she always wakes up with a big smile like N.

For her birthday A got several new toys. A always loves to empty my cabinets and play with the pots so N and I got her an Ikea pots and pans set.


We also got her a Little Tikes shopping cart to store all of her new toys in.


She also got a couple of sets of Ikea food toys. So she has a whole nice collection.


N’s mother always makes lovely signs for every birthday and anniversary. Alana got a sign to celebrate her birth but that was really more for N and me. This was the first sign just for A.

4-8-2016 4-50-31 PM


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