Dole Whip

Another first that I was able to cross off of my list this past visit to Disney World, Dole Whip.

As I said previously I am a strict Kosher eater. Often that means that I cannot partake in many enjoyable food experiences. I had heard about Dole Whips many times and always considered them to be one of these food experiences that I would not be able to experience. However, recently I found out that Dole Whips are kosher!

Last month when N and I were in Disney we had our first Dole Whips. We also gave A a little and it was her first ice cream. They were great!!

For those who don’t already know about this fantastic Disney treat, Dole Whips are pineapple soft serve usually served in a cup of pineapple juice. They are sold at several locations in Disney World and Disney land. We bought ours at Aloha Isle Refreshments right next to the Tiki Room, which was our next stop, also a first.

We found the Dole Whips to be light, flavorful, and sweet with a nice balance from the slightly tart pineapple juice. In short, they were delightful. A fun new Disney experience. We had them twice in our 3 days in the Disney World parks. They are definitely going to be added to our to do list for future Disney visits!


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