Last night N and I went to our local movie theatre to see Zootopia. This was yet another fun and interesting Disney film.

It was filled with humor, and had something for everyone regardless of age. There were several quips that made it clear that Disney was poking fun at itself. Many times the whole theatre erupted in laughter. It was also very engaging and we felt all of the emotions along with the characters. When the DMV scene with the sloths started, every adult in the theatre was groaning in sympathy.

My only comment would be that there is one scene with a little scare. I jumped in my seat. I thought that might be a little hard for some kids. Sitting behind us was a man and his daughter and he kept saying “It’s ok, it’s done now, it was just a little scare.” So she must have freaked out a little too. But as N pointed out, all Disney films have semi scary parts. In this case, it was just a little startling.

This is really a movie about prejudice and associated limitations. Those we have for others, those others have for us, and those we have for ourselves. The message of the movie was so well put with the use of animals. Any minority or limitation fits into the message so it is universal.

We will definitely get this one and watch it again when it comes out on DVD.


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