The Magic is Starting…

I just got a super exciting package in the mail!!


That’s right, our MagicBands have arrived!!

Which brings me to a surprise….

Magic bands

Instead of using the babysitting service at Disney for A while N and I run the Princess, my parents J and P will be joining us!!

Magic Bands are one of my favorite pieces of a Disney trip. As a DVC member, we have been using the Magic Bands since they came out a couple of years ago. They arrive at your home a few weeks before your scheduled Disney Resort stay. You can customize the colors and the name listed inside the band.

The band acts like your key, access card, park ticket, fastpass + ticket, and more… You can also add a credit card to the band so that you don’t need a wallet in the parks.

It may seem silly that we got A her own but MagicBands also make awesome free souvenirs! In fact, I have heard from many people that did Disney with a baby that it makes an awesome toy for the baby! No small pieces, colorful and personalized.

Magic bands 2

Also, the packing has started!! Two weeks to go…



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