The (Glass) Slipper Fits…Or Does it?

Last week I went to my local running store to buy some new running shoes. I haven’t gotten new shoes since I started training for the Disney Marathon last year. So my shoes have a lot of miles on them. I was worried that they wouldn’t last through the Princess Half Marathon, and I need a little time to break in the new shoes so I needed to get new shoes now.

The running store is great, the knowledgeable salespeople there are all runners so no matter who helps you, you can get all kinds of tips and assistance from which shoes to get, which includes watching you walk and ensuring that you have the support you need, to advice on what to eat to energize before a run.

I ran for the nice salesman and told him about my past experiences and how much I love Brooks and he pointed me to the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

I really liked the look and feel of the shoe and he said it looked like it provided the proper support, so I happily went on my way.

Yesterday, N and I ran 3 miles to get back in the swing of things after a two week break. I wore my new Adrenaline sneakers. Within 15 minutes, my left foot had gone all tingly and weird feeling. I powered through the pain and finished the 3 miles, but it was not fun at all!

So I headed back to the running store. They readily took back the shoes and took a look at what I had bought last year and loved so much. To my surprise (and chagrin as I felt rather silly), I had this exact issue last year too. I had bought the Adrenaline, it didn’t work for me, I had returned it and bought the Brooks Ravenna 5, and I had loved them. So I headed home with a new pair of Ravenna 7.

Brooks Ravenna 7

It seems like the Adrenaline is overcorrecting my pronation and causing discomfort. So here is hoping that this pair of Ravenna will be as good as my last one. I’ll keep you informed.

Good shoes are a number one priority for running! Hopefully these slippers (sneakers) fit better than the last ones…



  1. I actually just did the same thing yesterday! I had bought new shoes but they were really pinching the side of my foot so I was able to trade them in for different ones. Haven’t tested them out yet but hopefully they work!

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