Las Vegas Trip: Part XI – The Belagio

After eating at the Jerusalem Grill, post here, we headed to the Bellagio. First, we watched the hourly fountain show. Then we headed into the Bellagio. From the front doors in, the Bellagio is a site to see.

Directly after entering, the ceiling is covered in Chihuli glass. As you walk through the casino, there are endless details to look and marvel at, from the fabric covered walls, the intricate lamps, and awnings covering the gaming tables to the glass sculptures.

We got yelled at for pausing on the walkway with a baby. Apparently, you can’t do that legally. Oops!

We then headed through the casino, through the hotel, past the Wedding Chapel (which was closed, although earlier we did see a new bride and groom). All the way to the back of the hotel to a shuttle from the Bellagio through the Crystals Shopping Mall to the Monte Carlo. We then continued on our nighttime casino hopping walk up the strip. More on that in a future post.



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