Las Vegas Trip: Part VI – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

As someone who eats strictly kosher (a Jewish diet that is quite stringent and therefore requires that only food with special supervision may be eaten), I am used to being unable to indulge in the expected comforts when traveling. While most people can just go to any coffee shop or restaurant, I am limited to those that have special supervision, which can be few and far between. Thankfully, this was not an issue in Las Vegas.

On the west coast is a chain that N speaks of all the time called The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. N has friends in LA and has been out to visit them several times before we were married. Although I have been to California ( I have family there) I have never been to LA or Disneyland so we hope to go together someday.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf cafes are almost all kosher certified, from the coffee to the food. This is quite rare and very welcome. I was super excited as there are 15 cafes in Vegas and 4 were within easy walking distance 15-30 minutes from the hotel. So for each of the three days we were in Vegas, I went to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

In fact, that was how I started my day. I would get up and dressed, get the baby up and dressed and take a nice walk to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It was wonderful! The first day N went with me. The other two days it was just S and me.

As I was unfamiliar with the coffee shop, I asked the barista for a drink suggestion. The suggested drink was half cookie butter half hazelnut. It was great! The mixture was to add the right amount of sweetness and flavor and it succeeded beautifully. I usually have me coffee light and sweet (add cream and splenda) but this coffee needed no doctoring (a sign of excellent coffee).

N doesn’t like coffee and he was familiar with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from his trips to LA. So he ordered a Malibu Dream, described as Fruity strawberry banana juice blended with French Deluxe™ vanilla powder and ice. I finished it off for him and it was very good.

N also ordered a pepper jack croissant, toasted and cut in half, which we shared. That too was very good. Finally, I got a potato, egg and cheese wrap, which I saved for later and had for lunch. It was really good!

On the second day I again ordered the coffee half cookie butter half hazelnut, a Malibu Dream and the pepper jack croissant. I also got their feta, spinach and white omelet wrap, which was ok.

I wanted to try one of the sandwiches as they all looked super but the I try not have bread during the week so I didn’t end up getting one. Everything else was great though and I definitely look forward to going to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf again. Sadly, there are none where I live so I will have to wait until I vacation somewhere they have cafes. I’m looking forward!


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