Las Vegas Trip: Part V – Caesar’s Palace

The point of our trip to Vegas, besides a fun vacation, was a business conference for N. He works in Computers and there was a programming conference that our office wanted to send him to. So for N, this was not really a vacation, instead we dubbed it a “workation.”

On the one hand, this meant that N got paid for his time and that his travel expenses were paid as well. On the other hand, this meant that for large portions of the day (7am-4pm) N had to be at the conference, working, and A and I were on our own.

The conference was the Gartner Summit, and it was at Caesar’s Palace, which was across the street from the Hilton Vacation Club at the Flamingo where we were staying, more here. Every morning, N would head across the street for the conference. I would sometimes meet him at lunch time, or when he had a break, and then I would pick him up every evening.

In Vegas, to control the flow of traffic, they block off walking access across the streets at a lot of intersections. Instead, pedestrians cross the streets via bridges with escalators leading up to and down from said bridges. For N, this meant the walk was quick and easy. However, I had A in the stroller with me so I had to take the elevators instead of the escalators, which added at least 5-10 minutes to the walk.


The view of Caesar’s Palace was spectacular. From across the street you could see tremendous statues, gigantic buildings and beautiful fountains.

From the inside, it just got more impressive. Endless statues, sculptures, light fixtures, pillars, and more.

The high stakes section had amazing detail, check out the light fixture!

The elevators each had a Roman god or famous figure on the front.

The view out the back was also spectacular. And there was a connecting mall next door.


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