Training for Princess Half Marathon: Week 6

We are officially past the halfway point!! Yesterday N and I ran 8 miles!


See the awful average pace, which is below race time (16 minute/mile) Thankfully that is due to human error and not our actual pace. I forgot to turn off the tracker after we finished running so that average reflects the time we spent stretching, getting into the car and recharging with some chocolate milk…Oops!!

We started out with Belvita bars as our prerace fuel. I loved the Honey Stinger Waffles that I tried thanks to Jane Runs Wild. Sadly, I forgot to buy more so I was out of waffles and Belvita bars it was, along with my Sport Beans and Salt Pills.

We got to the track and ran in a light drizzle.

I was super proud of us, especially as it was super muddy and quite slippery. After the run we were all covered in mud.

It’s a beautiful trail and we mostly had it to ourselves. We even saw a bald eagle! That’s a rare site over here so that was super cool! We ran out to the four mile marker and back. 8 miles, completed!

We got up and ran despite the drizzle, despite the cold, despite all of the possible excuses to stay in bed or just on the couch. We got up and went. And that’s what makes us runners, the fact that despite everything, we got up and did. And that’s why I love running. Because it makes me better. Just by doing it.



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