UPPAbaby Vista

When N and I were first looking at strollers I knew that I wanted a BOB stroller for running. I had always wanted a CityMini as my brother had one through three kids and loved it. However, after we began running a jogging stroller became more important. Especially since I knew that I wanted to run with the baby. So we started looking into the BOB. We heard great things and were really excited.

In January, we went to Florida for the Disney Marathon. I was 7 months pregnant at the time. We had decided to buy the BOB for running and a Snap and Go for when the baby was too small for the BOB and would need to be in an infant seat (The age to transfer to the BOB was six months and since that coincided with the age that it was safe to run with the baby, we were happy with this.)

N has some cousins in Florida and they showed us their stroller, the UPPAbaby Vista. After hearing about all of the features and rave reviews, we had to check it out. We headed over to our local BuyBuyBaby where we were able to run around the store with the strollers, and we fell in love. The Vista is run safe with locking front wheels, has a huge basket underneath, comes with a bassinet (where A slept for the first month of her life, until we got a pack and play, and continued to be used as her travel bed until she was 5 months), is a Snap and Go for the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, and can be made a double stroller with an adapter if needed. While it was considerably more money, considering it was three strollers in one (running stroller, snap and go, and double stroller), it actually came out to be cheaper…so we bought it. After using it for several months we LOVE it!!

vista with bassinetbothconfig chartThese images are from UPPAbaby.com.



The Vista comes with a frame, a seat, a bassinet, a rain cover for the bassinet, a mosquito cover for the bassinet, a mosquito cover for the seat, and a storage bag for the bassinet. It is fully reclining with lockable front wheels and a five point harness. It also has a standing fold which is awesome! There are many more specs but these are the main ones.

Features: A

As I said, this is a very expensive strolled but considering all that is included and the features it has, it is totally worth it. My main complaint with the price is that I have to buy other things for the stroller which add up very quickly. Such as the rain cover for the seat, a parent organizer, and a child tray.

Expense: B

The Vista is an extremely smooth ride! It is all terrain (I have tested this many times as we go on the grass, on rocks, hiking, etc.), it can be guided one handed even through turns, and bumps up easily onto the curb.

Maneuverability: A

The Vista is a big stroller. It is made to hold up to three children (two in seats and one on the Piggyback, which is the same thing as the more well known Boogie Board). My main issue with the Vista is that it is a little wide as it is made to accommodate a lot of weight. This means that I have gotten stuck in narrow entrances (on the train in an amusement park…).


Again due to the amount of weight it is built to accommodate the super sturdy steel frame is a bit heavy.

Weight: A-

I have had a few small issues with the stroller (screw came loose, etc.), contacting the UPPAbaby customer service is great. They are so nice and do their best to fix the problem as quickly as possible. In my case that meant sending me a new frame, which I received within two days. I was very impressed and since I consider good customer service to be of utmost importance (no matter how good the product quality is there will always be minor things that go wrong), for that alone I would buy from UPPAbaby again.

Customer Service: A

Overall Grade: A

More information and all of the UPPAbaby products are available on their website.


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