Meal Two: Garlic Bread Chicken Tenders with Dougie’s BBQ Sauce, Wheelie Pasta & Caesar Salad

Let me preface this by saying that we have been quite disappointed with this week’s box. In previous weeks, we have had great meals. This week, the first meal was a disaster and last night’s was eh. Not worth it. We are considering taking a long break from Kitchn Synch. Next week we are definitely not ordering, due to our disappointment and the fact that Thanksgiving is next week and is really big in our home.

Here is the review for last night’s meal, Garlic Bread Chicken Tenders with Dougie’s BBQ Sauce, Wheelie Pasta & Caesar Salad.

We started out with our protein:

Chicken Breasts

And our oil:

Canola Oil and EVOO

We opened up the Odds and Ends package to find:

2 heads Lettuce

1 Egg

1 container Caesar Dressing

1 container Dougie’s BBQ Sauce

1 bag Wheelie Pasta

1 bag Panko

1 bag Flour

1 bag Bread Crumbs

1 bag Garlic powder

1 bag Oregano

1 bag Kosher Salt

1 bag Black Pepper

The ingredients were nice and fresh.

Ingredient Freshness: A

This recipe had a lot of steps, but went quite quickly.  A pan, a pot and a bowl were needed.

Ease of Cooking: A

This recipe was quite quick. The chicken fried up in two speedy batches, the pasta needed only a short while to cook, and the salad was a snap to put together.

Speed of Cooking: A

The instructions for this meal were quite good. Everything was explained well and concisely.

Recipe Instruction: A

The chicken was great, the taste of the spices and the moist chicken were really good. The panko added a great crunchiness so it was had a great texture as well. The pasta was very unremarkable, as was the salad and BBQ sauce. The meal was very underwhelming as a whole. N and I found the pasta as it was to be unnecessary. Some tomatoes and red onion would have worked to flesh out the salad or adding a red sauce for the pasta might have made it worthwhile.

Taste & Filling: B-

This meal is largely not remake able as the Caesar dressing and BBQ Sauce both do not have instructions. If I wanted to I could just use store bought ones to replace them. However, the only part of the recipe that I would want to make again is the chicken, which is very doable.

Remake ability: B

Overall Grade: B-


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