Kill Refurb Marry Blog Hop

Today I decided to take a shot at a Blog Hop. I have recently discovered these blogs and am loving them! The premise is based on a popular parlor game called, Kill Boff Marry, (which I had not heard of before but think is a cute concept when used this way).  Check out links for the other blogs on the Kill Refurb Marry homepage.


The game goes like this: as a player you are given the choice between three people, and have to decide which you’d murder, sleep with and spend the rest of your life with. This is the WDW (Walt Disney World) themed version called Kill Refurb Marry. The topic is MyMagic+.

Kill – FastPass +

I used the old FastPass system all the time. It was great! The new one is super limiting and therefore quite annoying. I understand why it was updated, Disney is revamping a lot of old services to ensure that everything is new and improved. So going digital made a lot of sense.

However, there were many changes made with the new system, which I do not like. The system bunches the FastPasses together so that the attraction you want is unnecessarily tied to one that you don’t. You can only do 3 fast passes and they must be in the same park.  As a regular park hopper, this was the worst part. It go to the point that I just made FastPasses for one attraction and then ignored them the rest of the day. They are basically useless sadly. I wish they would bring back the old system, just in digital form.

Refurb – My Disney Experience


My Disney Experience is the name of the Disney App and Website central hub. This is supposed to be a place to store all of the information for your trip from reservations to FastPasses. I love the idea and both the site and app have amazing potential but there are a few big problems. Many things that should be on the hub are not. When I was at WDW in January I had a lot of trouble with this. Spa appointments cannot be seen on the hub and random restaurant reservations did not show up. I have also heard from many people that there are major service issues in the park (I have not had so much trouble with this myself)

I think if Disney improves this, the app and site will be invaluable. One important thing is to link all Disney events and appointments so that they are available on the site. Including RunDisney, which currently is not available there at all.

Marry – MagicBands

I LOVE MagicBands! I was a skeptic at first and was very hesitant. But being able to have my room key, Park pass and Credit card all in one place as a cute fashion accessory/suviner. Great idea! I no longer have to carry all of the cards that I fear I will lose in the parks. There is a code that needs to be entered for credit card use so that if I lose my band I don’t have to worry that someone can now use my credit card. There is unlimited personalization potential, I have seen people use stickers, draw on the band, and buy the cute add on pieces sold by Disney. What a great secure way to have card access at the parks!




    • That’s so cool! I am super bummed about this as well. I just heard of it and this was my first one, I would have loved to do more of them…


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