Meal Three: Pretzel Chicken Fingers with Maple Dip & Blistered Snap Peas with Salami Stix

Last night, N and I made the third meal for week three, Pretzel Chicken Fingers with Maple Dip & Blistered Snap Peas with Salami Stix. This meal was a little rocky.

We started out with our protein:

Chicken Breasts

And our oil:


We opened up the Odds and Ends package to find:

1 bag Arugula

1 package Salami

1 container Maple Dip

1 container Dijon Mustard

1 container Apple Cider Vinegar

1 bag Snap Peas

1 bag crushed Pretzels

1 bag Flour

1 bag Black Pepper

1 Egg

IMG_7594IMG_7596 IMG_7595

The ingredients were very fresh.

Ingredient Freshness: A

IMG_7597 IMG_7598 IMG_7599 IMG_7600 IMG_7601IMG_7605 IMG_7606 IMG_7607IMG_7609 IMG_7610IMG_7612IMG_7614IMG_7616 IMG_7617IMG_7620

This was an easy recipe, not requiring any fancy techniques but it did require two pans and a few bowls as well as a bunch of prep.

Ease of Cooking: A-

This recipe came together quickly, taking around 30 minutes.

Speed of Cooking: A

There were again a few steps that were confusing. The recipe called for salt, but none was included in the kit. The recipe said to add the vinegar and EVOO to the peas and arugula and we felt it would have been better to premix them to create a dressing.

Recipe Instruction: A

The chicken was fantastic! We loved the taste, the chicken was moist, the pretzel crust had a great crunch and salty element, and the Dijon gave it a lovely tanginess. the blistered snap peas were lovely, but the salami and arugula seemed like an afterthought and didn’t really add anything. Neither of us liked the maple dip, we both tried it and discovered it to be a mayonnaise based dip, heavy on the mayo with very little maple taste. Instead we used mustard that we had in the house. This was a fairly filling meal.

Taste & Filling: B

IMG_7621 IMG_7623

The maple dip was premade and therefore cannot be remade as there was no ingredient list or instructions. However, as neither of us liked it, we really don’t care. The chicken is very remakeable and we are excited to add it to our recipe list. The snap peas are also remakeable.

Remake ability: B

IMG_7624 IMG_7626IMG_8678

This meal was ok overall.

Overall Grade: B-


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