Meal Two: Lemon Parsley Chicken with Corn and Tomato Salad and Couscous

Last night, N and I made the second meal for week three, Lemon Parsley Chicken with Corn and Tomato Salad and Couscous. Overall, it was good but there were a few hitches…

We started out with our protein:

Chicken Breasts

And our oil:


We opened up the Odds and Ends package to find:

1 bag Couscous

1 bag Boston lettuce

1 bag Parsley

2 Lemons

2 cloves Garlic

1 container Corn

1 container Cherry Tomatoes

1 container Margarine

1 container Dijon Mustard

1 bag Kosher Salt

1 bag Black Pepper

IMG_7564 IMG_7566 IMG_7567

This was the first time that even the greens were extremely fresh. The parsley was amazing, and the lettuce was super fresh (and rather dirty), N said it was almost like they picked it from the field and shipped it straight to us.

Ingredient Freshness: A

IMG_7568 IMG_7569 IMG_7570 IMG_7572 IMG_7575 IMG_7576 IMG_7577 IMG_7580 IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7586 IMG_7587 IMG_7588

This was an easy recipe, not requiring any fancy techniques but it did require a pot, a pan and a few bowls as well as a lot of prep.

Ease of Cooking: A-

This recipe came together really quickly. It took around 20 minutes, max.

Speed of Cooking: A

Once again there were some confusing bits. The recipe called for lemon “rind” not zest and we were a little confused by that as they are very different things. We guessed that the recipe meant zest, which seemed to work well.

Recipe Instruction: A

IMG_7592 IMG_7593IMG_8679

Let’s address the taste first. The chicken and couscous were great! The lemon added a nice citrusy, tart element, the parsley added a lovely herbiness, and the garlic gave a great spicy taste. The combination of those three elements was really great and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The salad on the other hand, was not a favorite. Both N and I ate it, but the Dijon was overpowering and the flavors of the dressing seemed to be competing with each other. The vegetables also didn’t seem to work with the dressing, it was disappointing.

As for the fillingness of the meal. N and I had a really long day and were super hungry. We found that we were both a little hungry and had to supplement the meal. I think on another day it would have been enough. Not sure if you can tell but we had really full plates and there was still salad and couscous left in the bowls. The extra couscous was eaten, but the salad was not.

Taste & Filling: B

None of the ingredients for this recipe should be hard to find. It’s possible we will have trouble with the type of lettuce but I’m sure we could substitute any other type, and since neither of us really liked the salad I don’t think we will be repeating it. The chicken and couscous however, definite keepers.

Remake ability: A

Overall this was a good meal.

Overall Grade: A-


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