Meal One: Honey Turmeric Chicken with Orzo, Beets and Carrots

Last Tuesday N and I made the first meal for week two from Kitchn Synch, Honey Turmeric Chicken with Orzo, Beets and Carrots.

We started out with our protein:

2 Boneless Chicken Thighs

And our oils:

Canola and EVOO

We opened up the Odds and Ends package to find:

1 Beet

2 Carrots with greens still on

1 container Soy Milk

1 container Honey

1 container Lemon Juice

1 bag of Orzo

1 bag Garlic cloves

1 bag Consommé Powder

1 bag Turmeric

1 bag Sea Salt

1 bag Black Pepper

1 bag Kosher Salt


Ingredient Freshness: A


The meal didn’t require any fancy techniques, prep was quick and easy, it would only need one pot. N and I were super hungry though, so instead of waiting and using the same pot for the chicken and the vegetables.

Ease of Cooking: A

It was a very quick recipe taking approximately 20 minutes.

Speed of Cooking: A

The recipe for the chicken and orzo was clear and easy to follow but I think we did something wrong with the cutting of the vegetables, the carrot tops seemed to burn rather quickly but the other vegetables were not done yet.

Recipe Instruction: A-

This recipe was very tasty, for the most part. We both enjoyed it a lot.  The chicken was very moist and the honey turmeric marinade gave it a great flavor. The orzo was rich and tasty, the consommé really added a lot of depth to the flavor. However, the beets and carrots didn’t have much flavor, they were a little undercooked due probably to our misunderstanding the cutting instructions, and the fact that the carrot tops burned so quickly. It was sad as both of love beets and we were super excited to have a new way to cook them…

Taste: A-

Both N and I were full after this meal.

Filling: A


The meal looked mostly like the recipe.

Looks like the Recipe: A

There were no specialty ingredients so we could easily make this again and considering how good the chicken and orzo were, we will definitely be making them again. However, the vegetables were unremarkable. Perhaps we will try to make them again and cut them differently so they cook better, and add more spices so the taste is richer. We did enjoy learning how to cook carrot greens, that was new to both of us.

Remake ability: A-

Overall we were very satisfied with this meal!

Overall Grade: A


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