Kitchn Synch: Final Grade

Overall, I was very impressed with this service and I hope to order again for the coming week, I will continue to rate the meals as I go. Having the meal kits did indeed give an added excitement and ease to cooking so that I was looking forward to trying each new meal.


Easy, Quick, Fun, Tasty recipes with portion control. The recipes are written clearly and generally easy to follow without requiring extensive cooking knowledge or use of complicated techniques. All of the meals are ready within an hour from prep to table. These meals were fun to put together and fun to eat. The meals were tasty and filling while not leaving tons of leftovers.


Only Meat Options, Recipes on standard paper, Measurements Not Exact. I understand the issues with Dairy in a service like this but I would really love it if they offered a nondairy, nonmeat option. The recipes were written on standard paper with no plastic protectors, this led to them being splashed and splattered as we cooked. One of my biggest complaints was the inexact nature of the measurements. The ingredients come premeasured but many times they did not match the measurements required by the recipe, where it said a tablespoon, there would be a tablespoon and a half, where it said 1/4 cup there would be 3/4 cup. As part of the purpose is to have all of the measuring pre done, this defeated the purpose, it led to some recipes being a little off, and would make recreating these recipes difficult as the listed measurement in the recipe and the amount we actually used were not the same. On that note, the EVOO given was not enough for all three recipes while the canola oil was way too much and therefore was the only ingredient other than the fresh herbs which left a lot unused.

According to their website,,

Busy at work…kids have too many activities…or just bored and helpless with the “what’s for dinner?” question…
We do all the work…the menu planning, the shopping, the measuring, and the schlepping…you do the cooking, the eating and enjoying.  It’s as simple as that.  Our team is incredibly knowledgeable, talented, and passionate about creating the ultimate kosher meal kit experience so you can create dinner for those you love.

Overall Grade: A

I look forward to trying more meals from this service and I hope that they continue to improve!


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