Meal Three: Tuscan Steak with Sanded Potatoes & Shishito Peppers

Last night N and I made the third meal from Kitchn Synch, Tuscan Steak with Sanded Potatoes & Shishito Peppers.

We started out with our protein:


And our oil:


We opened up the Odds and Ends package to find:

1 bag Sage

1 bag Rosemary

1 bag Thyme

1 bag Breadcrumbs


Shishito Peppers

2 Garlic cloves

1 bag Kosher salt

1 bag Pepper

IMG_6986 IMG_6989

Everything was fresh and in good condition.

Ingredient Freshness: A

IMG_7002 IMG_7003 IMG_7004 IMG_7007 IMG_7012 IMG_7015  IMG_7017 IMG_7019 IMG_7023 IMG_7024

The meal was a bit complicated, requiring two pans for the oven and one pan for the stove. After cooking the potatoes in the oven they still needed to be cooked on the stove. That said, the techniques were not difficult and we didn’t use any where near the amount of bowl as Meal One.

Ease of Cooking: A-

It was an ok timed recipe taking approximately 50 minutes.

Speed of Cooking: A

The recipe instructions were fairly good. However, a few steps were not listed such as salting the peppers. Which according to the picture should be done but was not listed, so we didn’t do it. I think there was something lacking from the peppers as a result.

Recipe Instruction: A

Once again, the recipe was extremely tasty. We both loved it! The steak was flavorful and moist and the potatoes were crisp and tasty. While the peppers were new and fun to try, neither N nor I really loved them, and they didn’t seem to go so well with the meal. It was very interesting to have a pepper that is not spicy or sweet and therefore had a different flavor profile than any other pepper we had ever tried.

Taste: A-

Both N and I were full after this meal.

Filling: A

IMG_7025 IMG_8564

The meal looked pretty close to the picture. Only the potatoes looked different.

Looks like the Recipe: A-

With the steak, there were no specialty ingredients so we could easily make this again and considering how good it was, we probably will. The rub was easy and super tasty and was a mixture that we would never have thought of for meat.

Remake ability: A

Overall we were very satisfied with this meal!

Overall Grade: A-

Note: As discussed yesterday, we did run out of EVOO and supplemented with our own.

Also: The ratio of breadcrumbs on the potatoes was way off as the measurement was wrong, more on that in the overall rating.


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