Receiving the Box

We got the box on Monday. We were out all day with the family and when we got home there was a box waiting on our front porch. Brightly colored, clearly labeled and well packed. We were very impressed.


We opened the box to see three nicely written recipes, three separately packaged meal kits, Ground Chicken, Meat, Chicken Breasts, EVOO and Canola Oil and many freezer packs, all in an insulated bag that kept everything nice and cold even thought it had been shipped and then waited out all day

IMG_6896  IMG_6899IMG_6903

Here is my first complaint as the recipes are written on standard letter size paper, not laminated, or written in recipe card format. But that is just my personal preference…

Everything was very clearly labeled and looked really professional.

Note: I realized what is bothering me about the recipes being printed on regular paper. As we are cooking, they are getting splattered with oil. Maybe if they were laminated, or if they were just put into plastic slipcovers it would be better…


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