Kitchn Synch: Getting Started

The first step with a service like this is ordering. The order must be placed by closing on Thursday as the meal kits are shipped out on Monday morning.

Step 1 – Plan Type

I’m not sure how other services of this type work but with Kitchn Synch, ordering is done week by week. There is no sign up fee, no monthly fee, etc. There is a flat weekly fee for the plan purchased. I selected the basic two person plan as the meals are for N and me. The plan costs $90 for 3 meals.

Step 2 – Meal Selections

I was pleased with the available meal options but out of the 6 available options I was able to rule out 2 right away. That left me with 4 options and I could only order 3. So I finally settled on:

  1. Chicken Panzanella
  2. Chicken lettuce wraps with Pad Thai Raman
  3. Tuscan Steak with Sanded Potatoes & Shishito Peppers

Step 3 – Placing the Order

When I tried to place the order on the website however, I was uncomfortable with the seeming lack of security. So instead I called in my order. I had to leave a message and they called me back later that afternoon. I happily placed my order with the friendly gentleman who called me back. I told him about my issue with the site security and he said that while I was not the only one to comment on this. He took my order quickly and efficiently and shortly afterwards I received a confirmation email.

All was set!


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