New Job

It has been a while since I last posted. I was very busy over the summer and was actually away for the past two weeks. Amongst all of the craziness, I got a job!!

This just goes to show that with when looking for work in an archive it really is all about connections.

I met someone and was talking about my hopes for employment. And they came back a week later with a contact, the father works with a man whose wife works in an archive. And they happened to be looking for part time archival staff. So I contacted the head of human resources and spoke with her for a short while, she told me to send in my resume. So I did, and I got my first interview since I started this difficult job search. I was very happy with the interview and apparently so were they because they offered me the job.

Today was my first day and I have high hopes for this position. I will still be looking for a full time job but I am now in an environment where I will learn all of the day to day duties of an archivist in an actual archive. I will be able to start applying all of the things that I learned in school in a real setting. And I am very excited for the opportunity to learn new things that this job will provide in abundance.


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