Librarians have one of the most commonly stereotyped jobs. It is very interesting to me how many and which of the stereotypes are true and how many and which are false. I myself fall under several. I am a bookworm, I have a large vocabulary, as mentioned on this blog, I like to knit and finally, I know and enjoy learning various snippets of information. In fact, I purchased an iPhone because I was tired of always writing down things that I wanted to look up and forgetting some when I ran out of paper. Now, I have the ability to instantly look up the information that I desire. I LOVE my iPhone…

When I decided to specialize in Archives and Digital Libraries more stereotypes became apparent. I find history fascinating, and I especially enjoy historical fiction and imaging what it must have been like in the past and what people thought and felt in those times. I save things, memories like pictures, letters, birthday cards, ticket stubs, etc. Speaking of pictures, another reason that I love my iPhone is that I no longer need to lament the fact that I cannot carry my camera with me all the time. I now have a cell phone that takes really good pictures so I can snap away. And I do, at almost everything I want to remember.

Here is another infographic that discusses common librarian stereotypes made by thewikiman.


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