WordPress App Problems

I wrote out a great blog entry two weeks ago and saved it, all on my iPhone using the WordPress App. The problem is that the app has a flaw that when blog entries are saved, they go into a Local Draft folder, which apparently does not actually exist. So basically any entry that is not posted or saved to a specific folder is lost. Major Bummer!! So I am going to try and recreate the missing entry as best I can, here goes.

February 1, 2010.

I just met Professor Mikesell in person for the first time. It is interesting to me how meeting a person in a physical setting as apposed to an online setting adds a dimension of reality that Web 2.0, for all of it’s brilliance (capability wise) can not recreate. Even using Skype video (or any other form of video chat) does not really has the quality or dimension that a physical meeting does.

This problem may be addressed and even fixed with Web 3.0, but for me at least for the time being, it is a big deal. Web 2.0 has created amazing possibilities. People across the world can now communicate in seconds. Using video chat, people are able to see and speak with others no matter where they are located. This is a great aspect of the web that has become standard in the last decade. For me personally it is especially wonderful because my brother is starting a family in Israel. I have been able to see and speak to my new baby nephew using Skype. Years ago, I would have only seen my brother around once every few years if I was very lucky. Now, I get to see him (through the camera at least) every Sunday. I find that amazing, and am so happy to be living in the digital age, when we can see these wonders of technology become the norm.

Anyway, at the moment I am sitting in the meeting room of the St John’s Library where my new class, History of the Book is going to begin in around ten minutes. I am very excited about this class the teacher is very friendly and open, and she has brought many props/objects so that our lesson can be hands on. This is my first class that will directly involve my interest in Archives, and I am very interested to see where it leads.


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