Small Libraries Rock!!

OK, so I have been visiting several libraries in the Rockland area for my 205 group assignment. I went to a couple of big ones that I usually like to visit to check out items, but usually I don’t ask anything. This time, the whole point was to ask questions and find out information about the library. So I have to say that if I was grading them, both big libraries would get a D. Then I went to a few smaller libraries that I do not usually visit, expecting the  worst. Wow, was I surprised! They not only had the information and tools that I was looking for, but they engaged me in conversation, they were interested to hear what I had to say, and they were EXTREMELY helpful. Even the ones that did not have the actual tools, gave me so much information, in a friendly and open manner, that not only would I gladly go to them the next time I have the need for a library. I would also advise others to go to those libraries where the wonderful librarians do an amazing job. They make me happy/proud to be a librarian in training.


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