I know Facebook has it’s pros and cons, but I love the versatility and diversity that it shows.

Facebook has many uses and connected programs/sites. I have been using Facebook for a few years now but I never really appreciated it’s versatility before. Facebook has  Live Feeds, Reminders, Chat, Email, Status updates, Photos, Videos, Friends, Groups, Events, Suggestions, Comments, etc.

Facebook is extremely diverse. Many people have accounts and therefore have a circle of friends, suggested friends, and friends of friends. You can find mutual friends through the search method, or you can just look at a friends friend list and if you see someone you know, you can become friends. There are also many different sites/things/people/places that you can become a fan of, or join the group of. I personally am a fan of Hot Showers, Pizza, Broadway Theatre, Brownies, Books, Knitting, Lion Brand Yarn, Harry Potter (the movie), Epicurious, and Dunkin Donuts to name a few.

There are many library sites and apliccations connected to Facebook. I think that can be expanded and then each person will be able to connect to their own library through Facebook. Asking and receiving answers on Facebook, receiving reminders for due books. Browsing the catalog. Connecting with other patrons, and giving feedback to the library.

I can be browsing pictures and chatting with someone at the same time. I can be updating my status and loading a video one second, and then searching for friends the next. Everything is quick, basically user friendly, and mostly easy to understand and use.



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