Class Discussion

Ok, I am getting tired of this. For some reason I am having trouble posting to my Web 2.0 class discussion board. So, I am going to post it here.

The Discussion Board topic is: RSS Feeds

I have been getting daily quotes and definitions from an RSS feed. I was also getting daily jokes, but instead of one or two, I got around 5 or six a day; they were also usually long jokes, so I would have to follow the link to the site for each joke, which took a while. This kind of defeats the purpose of RSS feeds in my mind (they are supposed to make keeping up with sites easier and quicker, not longer and more complicated) and at the point where I had over 150 unread jokes waiting in my mailbox, I canceled the RSS feed.

So now I get the quotes, definitions and this new site that I LOVE! Book Smugglers, on my mac mail (which is the same thing as Microsoft Outlook for Windows). On my google mail account, I have just started getting (because other members of the class mentioned them, and I liked them) Love the Liberry, Deskset, and Cooked Books. These are delivered through google reader, which I never used before this class.

So now I am using google document, google reader and google books, all because of this class. I like them all and I don’t know why I never noticed them on my own, but I didn’t. So I am very glad that I am learning things in this class that will allow me to make better use of the sites that I have only used the basics of so far.


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