Book- Into-Movie

The big question. Should a book be used as a basis for a movie? I think it depends on the book and how the movie is done. Jumper and Reflex are wonderful books written by Steven Gould. The movie called Jumper, is based on a combination of both books. Um… let’s just say that I prefer a world where things are logical and the laws of nature or magic, are consistent rather than constantly changing.

The Time Traveler’s Wife, however is an amazing book, and the movie adaptation was extremely well done. Is it exactly the same as the book, no. But it was adapted in such a way that the rules of the story are followed throughout the movie. Even though I already knew the story from reading the book, the movie kept me emotionally involved the whole way through I was brought to tears several times, and did not feel bored at any point.


Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are two book series’ that were done very well when they were made into movies. I personally liked Lord of the Rings better. But I thoroughly enjoyed, and purchased both of them.

For some books, a movie adaptation helps the story to flow, without the need for overlong descriptions of clothing, time period and other details. For others, the adaptation drags on the tedious details to the point of torture.



  1. I have my BFA in Film and personally I would never make a book into a movie and I almost never watch the movie adaptation of a book that I really like. The reason being is because I have a very concrete vision of the world of the book in my head and seeing someone else’s vision pretty much ruins my pretty lil picture. I think film is much more interesting when it is someone’s original idea on the screen as opposed to someone’s idea of an idea.


    • Interesting point of view. I sometimes agree that the movie version spoils the image in my head. But other times, most noticeably for me Lord of the Rings, the movie brings to life the image in my head in such a vibrant way that it is as if my imagination came alive. I think that’s really cool when it works.


  2. I loved this book and also enjoyed the movie. They did follow the book very well except in the end. I like most plots that involve time travel. I also liked the movie Jumper but never read the book. Now I will have to go back and read it.


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