Knitting, a common pastime for a Librarian

Wow! So I learned to knit a few months ago, and although it is taking me a long time to finish it, it’s coming along nicely. How stereotypical is that? I learn to knit right before entering Library School.

Funny how many stereotypes are attached to the librarian image. You know what I mean, the little old lady in a black sweater is sitting behind the desk. Her grey hair is pinned up in a tight bun, her thick glasses perch on the edge of her nose, and her nasal voice rings loudly across the library as she shushes a patron. Thankfully, like most stereotypes, this image is largely incorrect. I don’t know about my fellow Library classmates, but not only do I not fit this image in anyone’s mind (I like to wear bright colors, don’t have grey hair or glasses, and am a very bubbly person) but I have yet to meet this stereotypical librarian.

Even so, my friends all get this confused look on their faces when I say I am in a Master’s program for Library Science. “You need a Master’s for that? Really?!” is such a common response that I can usually anticipate and interject with, “not the Clerk who works at circulation, the person behind the Reference desk.” To which I usually get, “Oh…..” Although they may understand that I am not the little old lady who says, “SHHH!!!” They have trouble with the idea that a Librarian is not just someone who moderates the noise level in the Library, but an Information Professional.







  1. I too learned to knit just before entering library school. It must be some unconscious collective librarian trait that we all yearn to have. You’re much more accomplished that I am however! I have a bunch of half finished projects stuffed into a bag because my attention span doesn’t seem to go beyond a knit coaster.

    I recently discovered felting (via my local library of course) and am excited about some neat projects I’ve seen and will soon attempt to replicate.

    Anything in particular you like to knit?


    • The pictures are of a blanket that I am currently knittting. I am trying to keep it to one project at a time, so while I have many more patterns and a lot more yarn which I would love to use, I am not making anything else until I finish the blanket.
      Did you start a felting project yet? If so, please post pictures, I would love to see them.


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